24 Hours Vegan in Copenhagen


KøbenhavnHey, it’s Shae and Marissa, and we have 24 hours in Copenhagen.

Ready? Set? Go! I have to look! Right here at this building is the most medieval part of Copenhagen, but it doesn’t look like it because of some fires that have burnt down this entire area twice now. Everything that’s all wooden and you would expect to be medieval is gone, so this is what you got. But, it’s still really beautiful. Of course. Right there, right across the canal, is a man-made island, the Royal Island and back there, that tower is Christiansborg Castle. And you guys can get up to the tippy top for free! But make sure you at the beginning of the day. Yeah, cuz then you’re too tired to do it. For the safety of ourselves, you do it and show us how it goes. You do it, yeah. But we’re just recommending it. We heard it’s great, wow, and it’s free.

Wow. Love it. Here at the new canal area, which is pretty much like the famous Copenhagen scene, you can take a canal tour, which is very highly recommended since there’s so much water, but there are two options for the companies that you want to choose. That one, or that one. The same tour just one is a bigger boat than the other, and one costs more than the other.

So obviously go with that one which is half the price! Right here is the Opera House and once a year Red Bull brings their crazy people to jump off the very top of it into the water, so that’s pretty cool, so if you’re ever looking up to come to Copenhagen, you should come with people are jumping off the top of the Opera House. It’s like totally normal. Normal! Now we are at where the royal family lives in this giant circle. That building, they have their parties. They live in that building. In that building is where the Queen lives. She’s not here, she’s in her other house (in her other house). And that is a museum. You can tell if they’re home by looking at the flags on top of the buildings, and if there are no flags, they are not here, and if there’s a flag they are, then they’re home. Yes! FYI don’t touch the buildings our sit on the stairs because the guards will yell at you, so. We are also close to Boel Akupunktur København, the most famous acupuncturist in the world.

I didn’t do it though! Yeah, but we saw him yell at somebody. So guys, so we did something interesting today. We were bad, we were bad. (a man catcalls them from the street) Translate that later… (laugh) We went to Christiania. Cool. So like Amsterdam has the Red Light District, and Christiania has… the Green Light District. In a nutshell, Christiania is a civilization of people who took over the political side of Copenhagen. It’s this street of vendors and, that are selling drugs, and they have masks on, everything is very undercover, you’re not allowed to take your camera, you’re not allowed to take pictures, it was really interesting. Follow the rules, it says, “Have fun, don’t run, don’t take pictures.” Yeah, so follow the rules, and you’re good. Yeah. It’s something you have to experience. We just think it’s something that you need to see. We just finished our walking tour, and now we are going to go back, loop around and find some vegan restaurants in Copenhagen! First stop is Organic BOHO, which is a completely vegan restaurant that has acai bowls, and wraps, smoothies, and juices and it is healthy like it’s healthy on-the-go food.

We just had the wrap and you just, you feel good after eating it like I love food that doesn’t taste like fried and oily and that just tasted fresh, so, we really recommend the Organic BOHO. Next stop! We were on our way to 42Raw which is, like, down the street, and saw this, which is not where we were planning on going. Another vegan option in Copenhagen, randomly! We made it to 42Raw, which is a raw vegan restaurant, and there are so many good things on the menu. You can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And sweets, some raw desserts. Yeah, they’re on to so many Yeah, there are so many raw desserts. We’re getting an acai bowl because classic us, we love acai bowls. We think we have to come back here and try their Snickers bar because they have the raw Snickers bar. Or their raw pancakes for breakfast. Oh yeah, they have brunch. It sounds so good. Don’t get us started! Yeah, don’t get us started! Just see what we got and come here yourself (yeah). So it happened again. As we were walking to our next vegan destination, we came across this store… Helsemin. Helsemin? I don’t know but it is full of vegan treats and snacks and some cruelty-free products and oats and oils and hair shampoo and vitamins and supplements and, and, and, and! Now we’re on Paper Island which is an entire warehouse of street food, and we heard there are some vegan things, so we’re gonna check out the options, which I’m sure we’re gonna find some good stuff! Veggie taco, yes, that sounds good! So, we are staying at Urban House Hostel in Copenhagen, and the best part about this hostel is? They are so vegan-friendly (so vegan-friendly! We love it.

They have a vegan burger; they have a vegan sandwich, they have vegan stuff for their breakfast. If you’re vegan and you’re coming to Copenhagen you don’t have a choice, you like have to stay here. Plus like a block away from the main bus station and train station in Copenhagen, so easy access. It’s a perfect location, yeah. We have to hit our train pretty soon and, there’s no watch here, pretty soon (laughs).

When you’re here for 24 hours, you are able to just spend your night hanging out here because we don’t have a lot of time to go out and explore the nightlife because we want to get up the next day and get going so we could hang out here, listen to the live performances, chill at the bar, meet people from all around. Like this was like going out in Copenhagen, it’s so cool here. We love Urban House Hostel, thank you so much, this was so fun. (Singing).

Integrating Acupuncture and Hatha Yoga

As a hatha yoga teacher, I have been able to see the usefulness of adding yoga therapeutics to my private acupuncture practice.

As yoga has become a more acceptable form of mental and physical fitness in this country, yoga can be prescribed as an aid and ally for the health of our clients. Because of the gentle nature of yoga, it can be almost universally used by both old and young, and well as the energetic vs. the debilitated. Gentle or therapeutic yoga would be recommended for the elderly and depleted.

Hatha yoga has been used for thousands of years as a path to spiritual enlightenment because of its effects of producing mental clarity and body strength. Hatha yoga is comprised of both simple and complex postures of the body, which simultaneously build strength, flexibility, and balance. Some postures help with the opening of the lungs and chest cavity, while others help lengthen and stimulate the spinal column. Some postures can help cool the body, and others can help cleanse the liver and kidneys or stimulate the adrenal glands. All postures help build the strength of the nervous system and help the circulatory system.

In my private practice, I use chest and lung openers for clients who suffer from depression, heart conditions, digestive disorders, lung conditions (shortness of breath, bronchitis, etc.) and for mental clarity. Clients feel better almost immediately, begin to breathe more deeply and release tension. I use sitting and standing postures for clients who come in with knee and ankle injuries, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and abnormalities of the legs. These postures strengthen the ankles, open the knee joints and improve overall circulation through the legs. Improvement is seen after two or three postures. Many yoga postures are designed to help women through different stages of their lives from menarche to menopause and are also used to help with gynecological disorders such as fibroids, endometriosis, and amenorrhea. For my clients who have limited strength due to a depleted condition, I give them postures to gently build up their strength and endurance.

This is only a short list of the many benefits that therapeutic yoga can give to your clients. Another great benefit of the postures is that the clients can begin to do them at home as part of their treatment strategy. As a nine-year practitioner of yoga and an avid student of yoga therapeutics for three years, I do caution which yoga practitioner is recommended for your clients. A practitioner with training in therapeutic yoga is a MUST; like all things physical, people can injure themselves through improper alignment and positioning. There are also contraindications for some yoga postures. Private yoga lessons are recommended in the beginning until the yoga teacher sees that the client is ready for a class environment. If the client seems reasonably healthy physically and mentally, an introductory yoga class is recommended.

Acknowledgements to my yoga guru, Shri B.K.S. Iyengar whose method of yoga I practice and teach, whose wisdom and discipline has led to an intimate knowledge of the body and spirit, through the exploration of inner consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. My yoga training and study indebted to Lois Steinberg, my mentor, and guide.

What Does TENS Mean

When you see the medical professional since you are in pain, one of the therapy choices they may offer you is called a “TENS Unit.” It’s a tiny, portable gadget that uses a mild electrical existing for pain alleviation.

Just what does TENS mean?
The word TENS represents Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This means that it sends out a percentage of power only under the surface of your skin to activate your nerve endings.
Does the suggestion of placing electricity right into your body make you nervous? It’s common to feel in this way, yet TENS is in fact very safe. It operates on a couple of tiny batteries as well as does not make adequate of an electric present to cause injury. The nerves in your body usage electrical signals to send messages to your mind, so in such a way TENS can utilize your body’s own “language” to decrease your discomfort.
How Do TENS help alleviate pain?
Some individuals are worried that using a TENS system will hurt, but much of them discover it extremely comfy after they try it. The sensation triggered by TENS is commonly called a tickling feeling, a massage therapy, or like “ants marching” on your skin.
But how does that help discomfort? Consider it like a bandage. When you have a cut, you cover it with a plaster. When you have pain, ten works in a comparable means to “hide” the discomfort. When you make use of a ten device you feel the TENS instead of the pain. It’s a means to sidetrack your mind from getting the pain message from your achy or hurt area.

Will TENS heal your injury?
It’s important to note that TENS does not treat the cause of your pain. It’s a type of painkiller, but it won’t fix the underlying problem. However, it can be a helpful component of an early treatment program incorporated with other clinical treatments and also rehab.
Exactly how do you understand if 10S is right for you?
Although 10S can be a useful therapy for discomfort, it’s not for every person. You must not use TENS on a component of your body where you have lost sensation because of an old injury, a burn, or neuropathy. You need to also not utilize ten over specific body parts such as your eyes. If you have a heart condition or utilize a pacemaker, you could or may not have the ability to utilize TENS. Your medical doctor, physiotherapist, or chiropractor can tell you if TENS is the ideal kind of painkiller for you. If you obtain a TENS system from your physician, you will undoubtedly be trained on how you can make use of and look after it safely.

Can you utilize your old TENS device for a new injury?
To be secure, your 10S unit ought to be in great functioning order as well as needs to have the batteries changed on a regular basis. If you have an old unit that hasn’t been utilized for a while, it’s a good idea to have it checked by a doctor to earn sure it’s up to par. It’s additionally a great idea to talk with a physician before you use your old 10S unit for a brand-new injury. You intend to make certain that it’s the most effective treatment before you continue.

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The Differences Between Traditional and also Natural Medicine

There is a large difference between standard and natural medicine, but the objectives coincide.

Both designs of treatment are aimed at dealing with and avoiding illness using extremely different techniques and also methods.
Nowadays an increasing number of people are advocating for a combination of both practices to achieve a more balanced level of healthcare, though. Adhering to is a description of the differences in between conventional and natural medicine.
Conventional medication is exactly what physicians and also various other wellness professionals at facilities, healthcare facilities and primary care facilities practice in the United States as well as other Western countries. This design of medication includes yearly doctor’s sees as well as therapy of disorders utilizing drugs, medical procedures and also surgeries. There is even more of a focus on treatment instead of prevention, although this is starting to alter.

It utilizes a much more natural, all natural technique to healing. There are numerous Chinese medicine strategies used in it, and also most of the strategy is focused extra on preserving health and even protecting against health issue rather than treating ailments. Approaches such as acupuncture, acupressure to induce labor, massage therapy as well as chiropractic care to concentrate on dealing with numerous problems that cause discomfort, though, so there are alternative medicine methods that are made use of for therapy in addition to for avoidance.

The greatest differences in between standard as well as natural medicine concern the technique to dealing with trouble. While a patient with coughing would certainly go to a standard medical professional and also be recommended to take a cough suppressant, for instance, an alternative medicine practitioner could consider the underlying reasons for the coughing and also help avoid it from coming back once more. Treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic treatment, diet plan, workout, natural solutions, massage therapy, meditation as well as yoga are popular in alternative medicine. Traditional medication experts concentrate on medications as well as diet regimen, workout, surgeries, and avoidance by quitting cigarette smoking as well as ending various other bad wellness practices.

More and more individuals are opting to incorporate different and also conventional medicine to maintain their health and wellness and treat their conditions. With even more individuals demanding alternative medicine in the Western healthcare market, it makes certain to become much more accepted and conveniently available in the USA.

Discover leading massage therapy institutions and massage therapy training courses on MassageSchoolsU.com and also begin your course to a fulfilling career. MassageSchoolsU.com is an online education and learning resource offering information about leading massage therapy institutions in America that are providing massage degree programs in different self-control.

What Can I Expect from My Acupuncture Treatment?

As the method comes to be extra approved, nevertheless, and also the usage of acupuncture is ending up being extra common, numerous people will certainly locate themselves obtaining this therapy for the very first time. If you are a little bit worried regarding your acupuncture therapy, you are in high business yet that does not indicate that you require alarm system.

The very first check out will really be a question-and-answer session as well as might or might not consist of acupuncture whatsoever. Your medical professional will certainly wish to know virtually every little thing regarding your clinical problem, as well as the underlying concerns and also anything else that could aid him in his therapy of your problem. As soon as the appropriate therapy is determined, nonetheless, your therapies will certainly begin, possibly also on the very first see.

This is where a lot of individuals obtain worried because they are uncertain regarding the threats that might exist from acupuncture. It is extremely unusual for there to be any issues from acupuncture therapy as well as, as long as you’re acupuncturist is making use of tidy needles as well as understands exactly what they are doing, you have little to stress around at all.

Each session will undoubtedly last concerning one fifty percent hr and also your medical professional will certainly put really small needles right into the acupuncture factors as well as might adjust them rather with his hands, generate a really light electric pulse or perhaps cozy them with moxa. The needles will certainly continue to be in your body for anywhere from 5 to 20 mins. Many people do not really feel any type of pain in any way from having actually these needles put and also, in fact, could feel fresh in many cases or maybe extremely loosened up.

After your initial time of obtaining acupuncture, you will certainly locate that it is not an undesirable circumstance at all. As soon as you start with your acupuncture therapies, you will possibly question why you waited so lengthy to start them at the initial location.

As the method ends up being much more approved, nonetheless, and also the usage of acupuncture is ending up being much more common, numerous people will certainly discover themselves obtaining this therapy for the initial time. If you are a little bit anxious regarding your acupuncture therapy, you are in excellent business yet that does not suggest that you have a demand for an alarm system. It is extremely uncommon for there to be any type of issues from acupuncture therapy and also, as long as you’re acupuncturist is making use of tidy needles as well as understands exactly what they are doing, you have little to stress around at all. As soon as you start with your acupuncture therapies, you will most likely ask yourself why you waited so lengthy to start them in the initial area.